Seeking business partners for portable electrostatic sprayers for effective disinfection

We are a UK manufacturer of touch-less portable electrostatic spraying systems.

Our product uses revolutionary electrostatic technology where the spray solution is charged with electrostatics, meaning that the disinfectant will ‘wrap around’ the target in full 360 degree coverage, reach hidden surfaces and cover large areas quickly and effectively. The liquid is dispensed through portable sprayers which are lightweight and cordless so they can be taken anywhere. There are handheld and backpack models available and all are battery operated with four hours of usage time before recharging is required.

Our product has already been implemented in various sectors such as cruise ships and airlines, schools and nurseries, gyms, hospitals and public transport.

The product range has huge growth potential with new products already in development.

We are now looking to expand further into Europe by engaging in new and exclusive distribution agreements.

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Consumer goods, Industrial, Health and Pharma

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