Producer of steel and mechanical equipment offers manufacturing agreement

We are a Turkish company operating in the design, production and assembly of steel and mechanical equipment with turnkey projects. We want to act as subcontractor and manufacturer in providing turnkey projects to the companies dealing with cement, mining, iron, steel, wood and automotive. We have ISO 9001, EN 1090, EN 3834-2, EN 14001, EN 18001 certifications, 40 Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS), 15 Welding Procedure Qualification Report (WPQR) documents. All welders are certificated and we have the non-destructive test (NDT) personnel, welding engineers and certificated paint inspector. Our capacity is as follows:

Steel Structure : 900-1000 ton/month

Mechanical Equipments : 400-500 ton/month

Assembly : 900-1200 ton/month

Site Assembly : 150-200 ton/month

Opportunity reference

# 456

Value (€)



Europe, Asia & Middle East


Automotive, Basic materials, Energy and Utilities

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