Looking for distributors of sandwich wood panels

We produce sandwich wood panels for the construction industry, that are extremely efficient for the insulation of buildings.

Our wooden sandwich panels are similar to SIP (structural insulated panel) panels but are more complex and innovative: the insulation foam is inserted into panels in liquid status with special technology that leaves no air gaps.

Our panels are made specifically for a project and are delivered to a site. They are easy to install and are suitable for floor, wall, and roof panels for private houses and apartment buildings.

We are able to produce large-scale panels (up to 3x12 m).

We are looking for new distributors in UK, France, Germany, Sweden and Norway.

The potential partner should be in the construction sector and have to buy the products from us and sell them in the local market.

Looking for distributors of sandwich wood panels

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Norway, Sweden, Germany, France, United Kingdom


Construction and Real Estate

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