UK specialist in traditional and fashion fabric looking for distribution partners

We are a UK company specialised in the fabric/textile business. Combining a range of traditional lace and on-trend fabric, we have developed our customer-base over a number of years, and have clients in over 56 countries across the globe.

We offer a wide variety of textile items including embroidered lace and nets, plain, printed and creative fashion fabrics, as well as a range of bridal, cocktail and prom dress and evening wear.

We have recently created our own design of fabric patterns, developed in-house.

We have a great sourcing capacity, which means in the case where the fabric required is not available in their collection, we have the capacity to source the desired items thanks to our strong supply network.

Having developed great connections with overseas independent retailers and fashion designers over the years, we are now interested in broadening our activity by offering wider volumes. Therefore, we are looking for wholesalers under distribution service cooperation.

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# 990



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Africa, Europe, Asia & Middle East, North America, Central & South America, Southeast Asia & Oceania


Textile and Fashion

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