Romania based company looking for suppliers/manufacturers

We are a service provider for procurement of construction materials, agriculture and industrial products for the Romanian Market.

We help Romanian and South Eastern European importers to connect with Indian/Asian manufacturers and suppliers.

We are looking for a stable network of suppliers for long term cooperation under an agreement for Romanian distributors, wholesalers and purchase organizations.

Presently we are looking for the following quality products at competitive prices.

For Agriculture: Mancozeb 75wp, organic fertilizers, Nitrogen, potassium phosphorus based Fertilizers and other similar products.

For Construction: Floor and wall Ceramic/Porcelain tiles, steel coils, sheets, tubes and other similar products.

For Industrial : Industrial pipes, Portable pressing oil machine, Automatic chapatti maker and other similar products.

Opportunity reference

# 1326



Value (€)



Southeast Asia & Oceania, Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, India, Nepal


Industrial, Construction and Real Estate, Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing

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