Polish manufacturer of innovative filtration scarfs looking for new distributors

We produce an innovative filtration scarf for air pollution protection.

The scarf consists of four layers:

• Outer layer - the highest quality cotton with a special weave ensures warmth and free air flow

• Activated carbon layer - absorbing volatile organic compounds, smoke or unpleasant odors

• Special nano-woven fabric - unique structure that retains particles as small as 0.1 microns - PM10, PM2.5 dust, pollen, pesticides, dust, bacteria, some viruses and others

• Micro-mesh fabric - separates the skin from the filter surface and ensures free air flow - made of 100% cotton.

The mask uses the best filtration system on the market with N99 efficiency, retaining not only PM10 and PM2.5 particles, but also PM0.1. The filtration efficiency during tests in renowned Nelson Labs was determined at 99.97%.

We are willing to expand to other countries and regions and looking for new foreign partnerships via distribution agreement and oriented at long term cooperation.

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