Looking for distributors for a watch brand from Finland

We are a young Finnish company that created a new brand of watches.

We launched a new model of watch that is available in four different versions and with different leather straps.

The watch is steel made and has been designed in Finland, it has a Japanese quartz movement and it is assembled in China. A unique selling point is the leather strap, which is very different from other watches on the market, it is handmade in Finland from Finnish reindeer leather.

The retail price of the watch is between 200€ and 300€. It is unisex, however, around 70% of the buyers are men.

We are looking to expand our sales and we are looking for agents and distributors in the watch or in the fashion sector.

The partner can sell our watches in physical stores or in online stores. We can also send directly the watch to final customers, we have already implemented an international logistic process.

Opportunity reference

# 1393



Value (€)



Europe, Singapore, Canada, Brazil, China, Japan, United States, South Korea


Consumer goods, Textile and Fashion

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