Offering a lightweight offroad electric vehicle

We are a French company that has developed and produced an electric vehicle designed for offroad (even extreme).

It is a very light vehicle available in 2 versions: single-seater or two-seater.

It's kind of a buggy, but lighter and more compact. It is designed to overcome the bumpiest terrains.

In this perspective, it is useful to explore trails in the woods (where the width of the road is very limited), to drive between the fields, to explore the mountains (also useful for bringing equipment to isolated shelters), for trips on the beach, etc

The vehicle is about as wide as a quad bike, but you drive with the steering wheel like a car. It is four-wheel drive and the traction is electric.

The autonomy is about 4 hours.

It is also approved for use on the street (in Europe), and therefore can be registered and insured.

Our vehicle has already been on sale for some years and is already sold in France and on some foreign markets.

We are looking to expand our sales abroad and that is why we are looking for business partners abroad. In particular, we are interested in:

1) DISTRIBUTORS: we will provide all technical and marketing support. We are also available to grant territorial exclusivity.

2) DEALER: we also look for partnerships with dealers who already sell other vehicles and want to add to their products/brands also our vehicles.

3) BUYERS: like tour operators/hotels that want to buy our products for entertainment for tourists, etc

Offering a lightweight offroad electric vehicle

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Europe, Canada, United States, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Australia



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