Dutch company looking for manufacturers in India for innovative plastic-free straws

We are a Dutch eco-friendly supplier of plastic-free straws. The wheat straws can be regarded as a sustainable alternative for plastic straws, which have a dramatic effect on our environment. Recently, we developed an innovative technique to manufacture wheat straws from wheat pulp. The new wheat straws have great advantages over other materials.

We are looking for SMEs in India, which have the facilities and expertise to manufacture novel developed wheat straws. The manufacturing should be executed on an ecological and social friendly manner. No chemicals are used.

The collaborations comprises the novel manufacturing process of the wheat straws from pulp. We will support the partner with all necessary information and technologies in order to establish the new factory. Since we would like to hold the storage and distribution of the end product in one location, a suitable capacity and competence of the envisioned partner is required as well.

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