Dutch producer of plastic components offers production capacity to German machine builders

We specialize in manufacturing custom made plastic products and semi-finished products out of virtually every plastic. We can produce batches ranging from one piece to millions of mass-produced pieces.

Our core activities are laser cutting, laser engraving, laser marking. The laser cutting is done by the laser head, which quickly moves over the surface of the material and thus burns a figure in the material or cuts a product out of the plastic. We can process sheet material up to 20 millimeters thick and a maximum machining surface of 2210 x 3210 millimeters, so the material does not have to be cut into smaller sheets before it can be processed, saving production costs.

We are looking for new partners amongst machine builders to offer our high quality production services in a manufacturing or outsourcing agreement. Focus is on machine builders in the automotive, medical, packaging or food sector.

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# 1252



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Basic materials, Industrial

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