Serbian company offering consulting services in water and waste water industry

We provide consulting services and project management in water and wastewater industry. We are small but very mobile and have a range of practical experience in waste-water across multiple industries. We are based in Serbia but are active in Europe, Russia and Africa.

We offer a preliminary to detailed design and project management, civil, mechanical, electrical, process and architectural services for the following types of projects: Water distribution (pipelines and pumping stations), storage and treatment facilities; Wastewater collection (pipelines and pumping stations) and treatment facilities; Stormwater drainage and treatment; Irrigation systems; Utility Infrastructure Planning and Modeling. We also prepare feasibility studies and master plans.

We are interested in acting as a subcontractor in large projects indirectly related to our area of expertise (design and management in water and wastewater treatment system construction) in Serbia and on international projects.

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Africa, Europe


Industrial, Construction and Real Estate, Energy and Utilities

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