Offering straw pellets for animals

Our company is specialized in the production of straw pellets for animals.

Our straw pellets are made from 100 % wheat straw and water and are used in pig farms, poultry houses, cowsheds, etc for animal bedding.

Our products are 100% wheat made and have no dust, therefore can be used with allergic animals.

A great advantage is the fast moisture absorption (up to 400% of their weight).

The mattress can be left unchanged for up to 6 months and after usage, they degrade easily ( they are made with natural products and are eco-friendly).

We offer 2 kind of packaging:

1) Small sacks of 20kgs

2) A pallet containing 50 big bags (total weight 1 ton).

We are based in Lithuania and we are looking for distributors or companies interested in buying our straw pellets for their own usage.

Offering straw pellets for animals

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Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Finland


Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing

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