Metalworking/shipbuilding company seeks contracts (outsoucing/manufacturing)

Our company is based in Lithuania and have more than 10 years of experience in the metalworking sector.

We have the technical skills to create metal structures that could be complex and with various dimensions that are used in different sectors, like:

*Ship repair services

*Building constructions (mainly for business)

*Metal gates, fences, ladders

*Metal furniture details

We hire only high-qualified personnel in order to meet the highest quality requirements.

*Manufacturing agreement: we can make custom projects based on customer drawings

*Subcontracting agreement

*Outsourcing agreement

Metalworking/shipbuilding company seeks contracts (outsoucing/manufacturing)

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# 1360



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Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Finland


Aviation and Nautical, Industrial, Construction and Real Estate

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