Offering home and textile accessories to foreign distributor

We are a young company that has developed and produce handmade accessories for different use and purpose.

Most of our products are a combination of wood and linen.

Our product range includes:

* Linen home textile products like bath towels, pillow covers, tablecloths, etc

* Ties, bow ties, cufflinks, and pocket square (with wood inserts)

* Suspenders

We offer a high level of personalization since our production is handmade, by the way, lines are available in more than seventy colors.

Despite we are a young reality, we are already exporting our products in other European Union countries, but also in the United States and Australia.

We are looking for distributors in selected countries because we would like to reach more foreign markets.

The candidate distributors should have experience in selling fashion accessories and/or home products.

We can also evaluate working with sales agents.

Offering home and textile accessories to foreign distributor

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# 1435



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Italy, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, France, Japan, United States


Furniture and Design, Textile and Fashion

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