Offering hand made textile products with amber inserts

We create various products with real amber pieces and linen.

Our production is hand-made and our product range is wide and include:

* Bath products like sponges, slippers, hats...

* Pet products like blankets, collars, vests...

* Weel-being products like blankets, pillows, wristbands, eyewear...

Researches have been carried out to prove the positive effect of amber on the human body.

We are based in Lithuania and we are looking to expand our activity abroad, due to that we are interested to find distributors in selected counties.

Moreover, we offer our experience in textile manufacturing to clients (they should provide us materials and design of products)

Offering hand made textile products with amber inserts

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# 1406



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Poland, Russia, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Vietnam, South Korea


Cosmetics and Personal care, Textile and Fashion

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