Seeking agents/distributors of eco-friendly personal care products

We offer eco-friendly and plastic-free personal care products like:

* Bamboo cotton buds

* Bamboo toothbrushes

* Bamboo straws

* Bamboo combs

* Bamboo cutlery sets (reusable)

* Paper tape without plastic, and more

Our mission is to offer sustainable products for everyday use at a competitive retail price.

The packaging of our products is cool and attractive.

We are based in Malta and our products are in compliance with all the European Union regulations about cosmetics and food.

Our products are sold in retail stores, supermarkets, pharmacies and other shops.

We are looking to expand our activity outside Malta and we are looking for distributors and agents in the European Union and beyond.

Seeking agents/distributors of eco-friendly personal care products

Opportunity reference

# 1423



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Europe, North America, Cameroon, Tunisia, Singapore, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Egypt, India, Japan


Consumer goods, Cosmetics and Personal care

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