Slovenian textile printing SME offering its facilities under manufacturing agreement

We are a well recognized family business in the field of textile printing, and are particularly appreciated on the market thanks to our mastering of the technique of screen printing. In this technique a mesh is used for transferring ink onto a substrate, except in areas impermeable to the ink. The technique of screen printing is generally prized for its versatility, quality, and for having in the past achieved success and popularity in settings such as the Pop art culture.

We are among the few companies in Central Europe to cultivate this traditional technique and to apply it to textile products and clothing. By means of the screen printing technique, we produce original prints on blankets and blanket covers, towels, clothes, shirts, t-shirts, scarfs, foulards, handkerchiefs, aprons and a variety of accessories such as handbags and fashion accessories.

We are looking to further expand our international network and offer our facilities and know-how under manufacturing agreement.

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Textile and Fashion

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