OFFER: Optical systems and remote sensing in space industry

We are a SME from Poland active in the areas of vision systems, remote sensing, image processing and 3D measurements. We established in 2016; among our founders were authors of DREAM project - first ever attempt to measure drilling process in space, but also engineers which worked in i.e. IWS Fraunhofer.

With the support of Polish National Center for Research and Development we develop optical payload for Polish nanosatellite for Earth Observation, which should be in orbit in 2021. In cooperation with German partner we intend to send first commercial European small satellite into the Moon orbit.

WE offer both competences related to optics design and remote sensing (design of optical elements and systems, testing, integration, data acquisition electronics etc.), but also its products – microsatellites, microsatellites images and telescopes.

We are willing to expand to other European countries as well as other continents and are looking for long term international partnerships.

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North America, Central & South America, Europe, Africa, Asia & Middle East, Southeast Asia & Oceania


Technology and Software

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