Polish maker of ecological water purification systems seeks distribution agreement

We are a small Polish company specialized in the production of intelligent renewable energy sources modules. We offer autonomous rainwater module, which responds to the different needs:

- with the way of collecting water

- with the quality of the water obtained

- with the distribution of accumulated water (development of full automation using applications on mobile devices)

- with the use of rainwater for household and food purposes.

The device is available in 4 variants:

1. For collecting water, washing hands and watering the garden

2. For hand washing and convenient watering of the garden, swimming pool, car and toys

3. With the option of drinking rainwater: currently working on implementing a water treatment system

4. Power supply with photovoltaic panels: the device will collect both the water and electricity needed to power the garden system.

To develop international cooperation we are looking for the partners willing to initiate a distribution or commercial agency agreement.

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Construction and Real Estate, Energy and Utilities

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