Polish company from the feather industry offering subcontracting

We are a Polish production company dealing with the production of natural feathers. We offer sewing and filling of quilts and pillows for the bedroom, furniture, garden, and decorative pillows, as well as sleeping bags and winter jackets.

We offers natural fillings, such as top-quality Polish white goose down, but also synthetic fillings, such as polyester staple fibers based on H.C.S. and regenerated; processed fibers: so-called silicone balls and countertops; recovered fibers (new and used); PU foam granules, white and colored.

We are looking for partners with a strong and established position on the market, wishing to establish long-term cooperation. We would like to cooperate on the basis of a subcontracting agreement with companies operating in the furniture industry; manufacturers of upholstered furniture, companies supplying down products to hotels, producers of down-filled clothing, and manufacturers of military and trekking clothing, etc.

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Consumer goods, Furniture and Design

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