Organic Dried Fruit and Vegetable Polish Manufacturer Looking for Distributors

We are a Polish manufacturer of various organic plant products created in 2013 to meet current market trends and demand for healthy food. Having achieved satisfactory development on the Polish market, we would also like to enter other EU markets to diversify its customer portfolio.

We offer our production services to foreign brands as privately branded manufacturers of a wide range of organic products from dried herbs, vegetables and fruits, through various cereals, peas, beans, groats, powdered buds, cereals, bran, muesli up to birch sap and vinegar.

The whole production process is offered, from raw material processing to packaging, then the production agreement will be appropriate. We produce dried vegetables and herbs using the method of dehydration (drying with the use of air stream), without the use of chemicals and without the addition of any preservative salt that Allows you to maintain their taste and nutritional properties for a long time.

In addition, we also have our own brand of organic products: dried vegetables (beet or mixed vegetables with or without spices, dried garlic flakes), dried herbs (e.g. cysto/rose hips, parsley green, fennel), vinegars (apple, balsamic, white and red wine), oat cereals and salt.

We offer these own branded products for distribution.

Organic Dried Fruit and Vegetable Polish Manufacturer Looking for Distributors

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Consumer goods, Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing, Food and Beverage

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