Compact food freeze-drying machine manufacturer seeks distributors

We are a Polish startup that produces a compact freeze-drying machine for food. We have put a lot of effort in a technology that makes the machine small and compact.

The device is equipped with a touch screen and supports up to 10 kg of load. It allows you to freeze fruits, vegetables, herbs, meat, cold cuts, dairy products and ready meals.

Buyers are restaurants, confectioners, food processing companies and individuals.

The use of small-scale freeze-dried devices will significantly reduce food waste in businesses. It will help increase the quality of food products and allow their free storage, transport and sale without having to incur additional costs for their cooling or freezing.

Healthy freeze-dried, currently very expensive, can be produced individually by everyone, while freeze-dried babies are increasingly replacing unhealthy crisps and sweets. Freeze drying is a purely physical process. Products undergoing this process retain all their nutritional values and can be stored for up to 25 years without chemical additives such as preservatives or enhancers.

We are looking for distributors with experience in trading with food processing companies, HORECA or supply appliances to restaurants in Europe. We seek cooperation under a distribution services agreement. The role of the partners will be to expand the sales network of the produced freeze dryers.

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Industrial, Food and Beverage

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