Maker of innovative rainwater traps seeks commercial agreement with technical assistance

We are a Polish manufacturer of plastic piping and drainage systems with 25 years experience and 15 professional stores. We offer an innovative rainwater collection system that ensures unparalleled efficiency and safety of rainwater collection and allows a significant reduction in water cost used for home gardening. Perfect solution for home gardening lovers. Patented design.

The rainwater collector is designed to capture rainwater from the gutter drain pipe. It is a very simple and automatically functioning device that ensures efficient filling of the tank and protects against overflow even in heavy rains. When the tank is full, the excess water is drained through the drain pipe into the well or spout. It is easy to install both on existing drainage pipes and on new roofing and drainage systems. The tank can be connected using any pipe or pipe with an outer diameter of 50 mm.

We seek a commercial agreement with technical assistance: manufacturers and distributors of roofing and drainage systems interested in collaborating could gain experience to increase efficiency and safety of rainwater collection systems. Offering this product could be a great value for their environmentally conscious customers and also a competitive advantage.

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Construction and Real Estate

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