Portuguese processor and exporter of fish (fresh and frozen) seeking distributors

We process, import and export fresh and frozen fish, crustaceans and mollusks from the Azores. The fish is preserved through the cooling method, i.e., fish and ice are stored in alternating layers so that one fish does not touch another, nor the containers’ walls. Furthermore, during transport the fish nutritional quality is preserved. Our fleet is accredited according to European standards. The fish is properly handled and carried, arriving fresh to the markets with high quality. We are certified HACCP and USA FDA.

Our products include greater forkbeards, tuna, barracudas, shrimps, slipper lobsters, acorn barnacles, European congers, groupers, lobsters, limpets, squids, swordfishes, octopus, rays, sea basses, salmons, spider crabs, edible crabs, monkfishes and others.

We are looking for European or non-European partners, i.e., distributors, that should have the experience and the right channels to introduce our products on the retail trade and wholesale market.

Portuguese processor and exporter of fish (fresh and frozen) seeking distributors

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# 1377



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Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, United States


Consumer goods, Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing, Food and Beverage

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