Romanian producer of packaging paper seeking international distributors

We can offer the following type of products:

- natural corrugated cardboard, dedicated to furniture, construction and industrial packaging industry;

- bleached food microwave carton dedicated to the food industry, the corrugated cardboard consists of two layers microwave containing bleach paper;

- printed packaging of paper and cardboard: crushed, stamped and wrapped packaging, dedicated to the industry food, fast food, agricultural, household appliances, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemicals, automotive etc.

Cardboard plates can be ordered in different sizes, depending on the client’s needs. On requests the reels can be printed on the outside with 1-4 colors and can be cut into plates of any size.

We are looking for a distribution agreement in order to expand on the international market by offering innovative and high quality products. The partner is expected to act on corrugated cardboard importer and distributor for the market they represent.

Opportunity reference

# 1409



Value (€)



Europe, Asia & Middle East, North America, Southeast Asia & Oceania


Industrial, Health and Pharma, Food and Beverage

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