Seeking distributors for ecological anti-miction and anti-urine repellent for pets

We are a Spanish biotech firm specialized in the research and development of veterinary products that contribute to improving the quality of life of pets.

We have developed a very effective anti-miction and anti-urine repellent for pets. It is safe for pets and humans, with an innocuous composition and environmentally friendly. The product does not stain the treated surface. It is odorless for humans but with a very unpleasant smell for pets that discourages them from relieving themselves at the application site.

Potential applications of the product are puppy housetraining, protection of facades, doors, show windows, protection of streets in tourist areas, protection of urban elements against corrosion (streetlights, monuments, and other wrought iron elements).

The product is available in various formats: 750mL sprayer and 5 L bottle. We are certified ECOITEL.

We are looking for distributors specialized in pet or ecological product industry, with an established network of contacts

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# 1430



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Italy, Portugal, Germany, France


Consumer goods

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