Developer of microbiological disinfection system seeks technical & commercial cooperation

We developed a microbiological disinfection system to be used on people, objects and animals. This system, together with the use of a suitable disinfectant, guarantees a total disinfection in the accesses to spaces where people meet. It has been designed for access to places with a high number of people (supermarkets, malls, schools).

The equipment is made of two systems of microbiological disinfection that guarantee the application 360º, including footwear, trolley wheels, suitcases, etc. It is initially equipped with a 100L refillable tank, which provides a maximum of 2 hours of work for continuous access by people and 4000 applications through the access control in automatic mode.

We offer commercial agreements with technical assistance to several sectors, mainly industry and hotels. Technical assistance would include know-how transfer and support with installations. We are based in Spain.

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Health and Pharma

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