Seeking commercial partners for an e-scooter backrest for control stability and comfort

We are a Spanish startup (2018). After two years of testing our product is ready to be marketed in the world and throughout Europe. We have the patent in Spain and are awaiting registration for the rest of the world.

We offer the solution to the structural and design defects of e-scooters, which make them dangerous and less comfortable to ride than other means of transport, through a compact, robust, and customizable backrest.

The backrest consists of a small cylinder that contains a retractable strap, with a comfortable cushion, which you can easily fasten at the waist. Since the mechanism is designed to recover automatically when approaching the pole, you can safely lean and relax.

You can adjust the length of the strap in motion by simply pressing an easily accessible button on the top of the cylinder, as you no longer need both hands to maintain the balance.

The backrest can be mounted on any e-scooter handlebar attachment via its universal mounting system.

The device includes an instant release lever to unfasten the strap when needed.

We are looking for commercial agreements or joint ventures.

For commercial agreements, we look for retailers, wholesalers, marketplaces, representatives or manufacturers.

For the joint venture, we look for manufacturers, Maas (Mobility as a Service) companies, delivery/on demand services companies, tourism industry.

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North America, Europe, China, India, Japan, Singapore, Thailand


Automotive, Consumer goods, Energy and Utilities

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