Swedish producer of acoustic walls and ceilings looking for partners in Europe and beyond

We are a Swedish innovative concrete company specialized in the design, development and production of acoustic walls and ceilings that ensure a good sound environment.

The acoustic wall panels can be colored in, act as a light filter and easily formed in 3D. The panels have the market's best fire class, A1. Since the panel is made of Ultra High Performance Concrete, they are adhesive-free, emission-free, and presents the best class in all EU standards.

The cavities of the panels effectively diffuse high frequencies, and they reverberate without low frequency echo. The panels can also be easily modeled in 3D for concave and convex surfaces. The panels are shock resistant and are unaffected by moisture.

We are expanding internationally and are looking for distribution/commercial partners in Europe and beyond. Partners sought should preferably be specialized in acoustics design, in selling acoustic panels and/or in noise barriers for infrastructures.

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Europe, Asia & Middle East, Australia, United States


Construction and Real Estate

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