Seeking franchising partners for reusable packaging in the takeaway food industry

We are a Swiss company of reusable and recyclable products.

We have successfully built a network of more than 1700 partners in Switzerland and Germany, offering our partners (restaurants and actors in the takeaway food industry) attractive costs and opportunities for saving resources.

This extensive network, combined with the analog and digital (app-based) storage system, allows consumers to obtain and return products at every partner location in Europe. We have developed an application based on NFC (Near Field Communication) to digitize the deposit system. This allows the customer frictionless management of their deposit and makes it easy to find nearby partner locations via the map function.

The benefit for partners, in addition to increasing exposure revenue through the app, is an integrated loyalty point program and the ability to manage your deposit system without the need for scanners or other technical devices.

From a customer perspective, customers who choose takeaway food can opt for our innovative and reusable packaging instead of disposable materials. Costs are in the form of a fixed deposit fee, and containers can be returned to any participating company to get a refund of the deposit.

We are looking for new franchising partners in Europe.

The partners would have to create their own network of businesses in the take-away industry, while benefitting from the experience of the mother company and the first franchising network created in Germany.

Seeking franchising partners for reusable packaging in the takeaway food industry

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