Turkish producer of furniture components (couch, sofa, mattress) seeking distributors

We are a Turkish manufacturer of components for sofas, couches and mattresses. We also produce final products like sofas, couches, and mattresses.

More specifically, we produce:

- Bonell spring unit

- Pocket spring unit

- Zoned pocket spring unit

- 1-3-5-7 zoned pocket spring unit

- Mattress

- Bed

- Pillow

- Boxspring

- Base

- Headboard

Our production area is a closed 20,000 sqm building and our monthly production capacity is 80,000 pieces of springs and 20,000 beds.

We are already engaged in trans-national cooperation with more than 15 countries and are now looking for new distributors in foreign countries (especially USA, Brazil, Germany and UK) to enlarge our markets. We seek a partner with experience and credibility in the furniture branch.

Opportunity reference

# 1426



Value (€)



Europe, North America, Central & South America


Furniture and Design

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