British maker of hand sanitisers seeking sales agents in UK and USA

We are a UK-based producer of a hand sanitiser that does not make hands dry.

Our fresh data say that over 96% of our clients that habitually use the product say it left hands feeling soft, tender, moisturised, hydrated and fantastic.

Our formula is based on a a unique plant-based moisturiser that no other sanitiser uses and that is why our product, unlike others, does not result in dry hands with continued use.

The main features of our premium moisturising hand sanitiser are:

- 65% alcohol-based

- 99.9% plant-based

- 99.9% natural

- eliminates 99.9% of bacteria in official tests.

Having already partnered with big retailers, we are looking for selling our product into smaller/medium retailers. Hence, we seek sales agents in the UK and the USA to perform this task.

It would be better if the agent had already an established network of contacts with target retailers, such as local boutiques, pharmacies, and restaurants.

Our product comes in 250ml bottles and 55ml travel size bottles

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# 1433



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United Kingdom, United States


Consumer goods, Cosmetics and Personal care

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