UK company specialized in the renovation and repair of cast iron components

We are a specialised UK based company with over 75 years of experience in regeneration and repair of cast iron components operating mainly in shipbuilding, power generation, industrial, railway, historical and vintage.

We have extensive experience in cast iron processing and have developed our unique processes to achieve high quality solutions that extend the life cycle of any cast iron component.

We can repair any item made of cast iron and we are not limited to size. We apply our regeneration process to various diesel or gas engine components to include cylinder heads, turbocharger casings, elbows, exhaust manifolds, engine blocks.

We also perform repairs on cast iron industrial components and produce cast iron utensils when required. All work is completed according to the relevant industry standard and the certification applicable to the industry sector with which we are working. We have an operational headquarters in Mexico and we are in the process of establishment in the United Arab Emirates.

We are looking for industrial partners in the railway, maritime and construction sectors who need reliable and professional cast iron skills, to work with under subcontracting contracts, in which the partner does not have the facilities or the ability to undertake such work on his own.

UK company specialized in the renovation and repair of cast iron components

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Aviation and Nautical, Industrial, Energy and Utilities

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