Chocolate maker seeks distributors in the European Union

We are a company based in Armenia that deals with producing chocolate.

Our range of chocolate is very wide, in fact, we produce both classic chocolate such as milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or chocolate with hazelnuts, and more sought-after chocolates such as chocolate with marzipan, chocolate with fruit (e.g. peach), etc

More than chocolate bars, we focused on the production of pralines with special and eye-catching shapes.

The packaging of our products has been designed to be sober and elegant, also suitable for giving gifts.

Our production site is very modern and the highest quality is guaranteed. All our ingredients for the production of chocolate are imported from countries of the European Union. We also import packaging for our products from the European Union.

We also specify that we work following HACCP standards.

At this time our products are sold throughout the Armenian territory and can be found in stores specializing in the sale of chocolate or sought-after foods, but also in supermarkets.

Given the success we have had in our country, we would like to export our chocolate to the European Union as well. We are looking for specialized food distributors who are interested in importing and selling our chocolates in their market.

Our strengths are: the high quality of our chocolate and the design of our chocolates. Competitive price when compared with European competitors who produce this type of high-quality games.

Chocolate maker seeks distributors in the European Union

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