We offer handmade ceramics (tiles, plates and mosaics) to distributors/agents and others

We are an Armenian-based company specializing in the production of handmade ceramic and terracotta items.

Our product range is a wide motorcycle, as well as decorations/colors as all the production is done by our skilled craftsmen and therefore we have almost infinite freedom of customization.

The objects we produce: decorated tiles, mosaics with natural stones or lacquered stones, frames for paintings or mirrors, plates and other tableware, medallions, etc

Not only are the decorations made by hand, but also the stages of clay making up and glazing.

All production is made in Armenia in our factory.

Our main product is the tiles that are sold for wall decoration, but we also offer floor tiles.

We are interested in finding business partners who can help us sell our products in foreign markets. We already have export experience in some international European and Asian markets.

Partners can be distributors or agents who would have the task of making known and selling our handmade ceramics abroad. They can have contacts with builders, designers, decorators, or even in the HORECA sector (we often make series of decorated dishes for restaurants or hotels).

We offer a wide possibility of customization, as well as flexibility on sales volumes.

We can also work directly with builders or designers to work even on a single project.

Finally, we also offer products for luxury boutiques of gift/souvenirs, we can also work directly with shops of this type.

We offer handmade ceramics (tiles, plates and mosaics) to distributors/agents and others

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Europe, Asia & Middle East


Furniture and Design, Construction and Real Estate

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