Offering modular robotization solutions (incl. CNC)

Our company has developed modular robotization solutions for machine shops. In particular, we created different modules that are assembled to satisfy the requestor of the client.

We offer different modular solutions, including * robots (3 different sizes) and * different combinations for supplying parts (like conveyors with 2D vision, accumulation conveyors, bin picking system with 3D vision, etc).

Modular solutions have a substantial advantage compared to standard automation solutions: they can be adapted to the needs, products, and machines already present (whatever the brand).

We are a reliable company based in Belgium with years of experience in computer numerical control (CNC) and industrial automation.

We are looking for commercial partners in France/Germany/Italy/Spain/Switzerland that have experience in the in the precision mechanics sector.

Offering modular robotization solutions (incl. CNC)

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Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France


Industrial, Technology and Software

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