Blue copper peptide provider

INCI Name: Tripeptide-1 Copper

CAS No.: 49557-75-7

Molecular formula: C14H24N6O4

Molecular Weight: 34O.37816

Product introduction:

The complex GHK-Cu in human blood can effectively remove scars, renew skin, and rebuild healthy skin during skin remodeling.

Mechanism of action:

Because of the high affinity of divalent copper ion, it can obtain GHK tripeptide from carrier molecule (protein) and form GHK-Cu. When GHK-Cu is injected into the skin or applied to the surface of the skin, GHK-Cu promotes the formation of new tissue and the removal of old tissue from the damaged area. GHK-Cu can effectively remove scars and renew the skin during the second stage of induction therapy.


Anti-inflammatory repair

Promote wound healing

Repair scars

Reduces wrinkles and improves skin elasticity

Physical and chemical indicators:

Appearance: solid powder

Color: Blue

PH: 6.0-8.0

Solubility: soluble in water.

Product specification:

Packing specification: 100 g/ bottle 、500 g/bag and 1 kg/ bag.

Component information: Tripeptide-1 Copper

Content: 98%+

Microbial count: <100 CFU/ml

Specific pathogens: none

Usage and dosage

Add below 45 ℃, recommended addition 1-5%

Opportunity reference

# 1592

Value (€)



Netherlands, Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, United States


Health and Pharma, Cosmetics and Personal care

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