Door manufacturer looking for agents and distributors

We are a company that has been active on the market for over thirty years and that has specialized in the production of doors.

We offer a wide variety of doors, although our flagship products are the invisible doors that in recent years are in great demand for interior furnishing.

The invisible doors we produce have an aluminum frame.

Our doors are available in various colors, in various finishes, and in various sizes. In this regard, we can also produce custom-made doors on request. This is thanks to the fact that we follow all the production phases of our doors, from design and R&D to the actual production.

We are based in Bulgaria and therefore all our door production is in line with EU regulation. In particular, we follow the standard 1634-1 (2004).

At this time we export our doors to different markets in the European Union. We are looking to further expand our sales in Europe, but we are also interested in proposals from agents and distributors outside the EU.

In this regard, we are looking for agents and distributors who are interested in working with us to sell our doors in their market.

The sought after business partners must have contacts and experience in the field of construction or interior furnishing.

Especially at this time when there is a lot of demand for invisible doors for decor, it is an excellent opportunity for introducing our invisible doors in respective countries.

Door manufacturer looking for agents and distributors

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Europe, Turkey, United Arab Emirates


Furniture and Design, Construction and Real Estate

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