We are looking for distributors for our honey food line

We are a Bulgarian company active for more than 10 years in the production of honey.

Our production is not limited to only organic honey, but we offer different types of products derived from honey, in particular, we have created a honey cream.

Honey cream is a mix between natural honey and different types of aromas that give honey a very special flavor, we offer different types of aromas such as lemon, cinnamon, apricot, strawberry, coconut, etc

A big plus of honey cream is that it is a new product on the market and attracts the attention of consumers very much. At the moment it is a niche, but that over time could grow as a market share.

We offer honey cream in different types of packaging, from traditional honey jars, but also to jars of different sizes and shapes. It has a long life on the shelf.

We already have export experience, both in Europe and in other countries outside the European Union such as the United States of America or Russia.

We are looking for international distributors interested in selling our products in their market. It is our intention to work with the partner in a long-term logic in order to make our product known on the local market and develop its sales together.

The partner must have experience and contacts in the food sector (supermarkets, grocery stores, specialized stores in honey or sought-after food, etc.

We are also interested in working directly with wholesalers.

We are looking for distributors for our honey food line

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Europe, Azerbaijan, Israel, Kuwait, Qatar, Turkey, United Arab Emirates


Food and Beverage

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