Manufacturer of street/park LED lamps, cable looms, LED lighting, and more

We are a Bulgarian-based company that is in charge of producing a wide range of electronic products, including:

- Outdoor LED lamps (for lighting streets, sidewalks, parks, or exteriors of homes)

- Indoor LED lamps (especially for offices or factories)

- Totem for illuminated gas stations showing fuel prices

- LED lights to be mounted on other electronics products

- Small cable harness

- Outdoor and indoor LED clocks with temperature measurement (ideal for office or outside shops or stations)

- Production of iron and plastic components of various types

We have a long experience of manufacturing these components, we have been in charge of producing, designing, assembling, adjusting software, testing these types of products for years.

We have ISO 9001 certification, we also follow IPC-A-610 standards. Of course, all our products are in accordance with European Union standards.

Right now we are looking for 2 types of business partners:

1) Companies interested in buying our catalog products to sell them in their market (distributors).

2) Companies interested in making us produce pieces. At the moment we have free production capacity and are interested in evaluating proposals to produce products on demand. We can act as a subcontractor as well.

Generally, we are interested in working with a long-term perspective with partner companies.

Manufacturer of street/park LED lamps, cable looms, LED lighting, and more

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Croatia, Italy, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, France


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