Copper millberry

We are pleased to offer you our copper millberry. Looking for copper millberry? You’ve come to the right place. This page is your copper millberry one-stop source for the competitive prices and quality. Copper millberry products from manufacturers and suppliers are listed below.


Copper – 99.99%

Carbon – 0.03%

Cobalt – 0.001%

Iron – 0.005%

Phosphorus – 0.01%

Sulphur – 0.01%

Zinc – 0.003%

Origin - Russia

Price – CIF $5750 Per Metric Ton ASWP.

Payment method - DLC or SBLC

2% Performance bond

Port of loading – Novorossiysk

Minimum order quantity - 500 MT

Maximum order quantity - 200,000 MT

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Copper millberry

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# 1597

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North America, Central & South America, Europe, Africa, Asia & Middle East, Southeast Asia & Oceania


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