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Lebanon Business Report

General information
Source: The World Factbook - Central Intelligence Agency
6,100,075 (July 2018 est.)
$88.3 billion (2017 est.)

Free market economy based on services. The Syria conflict impacted negatively on the GDP gro

GDP growth rate
1.5% (2017 est.)

The Syria conflict conflict negatively impacted the country's growth

GDP (PPP) per capita
$19,600 (2017 est.)

Medium to low

Local currency
Lebanese pound (code: LBP)

Pegged to the USD (1$ = 1507.5 LBP)

Financial stability (Public debt)
146.8% (2017 est.)

The third highest in the world. Most of the debt is held internally by local banks

4.5% (2017 est.)

High and unstable

Arabic (official)

French is the most studied and spoken second language.

Corruption perception index (Source: Transparency International)
Rank 138/180

High level of corruption

Duties and tax
Source: PwC World Tax Summaries 2017-2018
11% standard VAT rate
Corporate Tax
17% standard corporate income tax

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