Producer of plastic bags for washing clothes seeks business partners

We are a company active for many years in the plastic industry.

We are looking for international business partners interested in one of our products in particular.

It is a semi-soluble plastic bag that is used to wash dirty or contaminated clothes. The product is made with PE-LD/PVA materials.

The main feature of this type of bags is that they are very durable both from a mechanical point of view (tears and abrasions), and from a chemical point of view. This is to prevent contaminated clothes from getting out of the bag and the risk of contamination is minimized.

These types of products are mainly used in hospitals or by professional laundries. But also in hotels or large government or public facilities.

The dimensions of the bags are 120 liters (0.7x1.1m), and they are made of recycled material.

Finally, please note that they do not color or spoil clothes.

We are looking for international partners who are interested in our product.

We can work with distributors or agents who will be in charge of selling the product in their market. Applicants agents/distributors must already have a sales network. which can be hotels, hospitals, public agencies, etc.

Producer of plastic bags for washing clothes seeks business partners

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