We are looking for distributors for our air purification system

We have developed and produced a device to purify the air that can eliminate 99.9975% of viruses in the air.

We are a company that has been active for 30 years and we are specialized in the production of different types of medical devices. Given the pandemic, we used our knowledge to develop an air filtration system that can be particularly effective against viruses.

Our device is about 60cm high and has a weight of about 25kg. It can be easily installed in a closed environment (near a power outlet) and is able to filter a room of about 120m2.

Our system has several advantages over similar competitor products:

1) Large filtering capacity of COVID 19 virus (99.9975%)

2) Filters with a much longer life than competitors (last more than twice)

3) Pre-filtering system. Larger particles are pre-filtered, so the service life of the filter is longer

4) Easy to disassemble and maintain (it is very simple to replace the filter)

5) Design: It is made of wood and metal with few plastic parts

6) Patented system and functionality tested in several international laboratories (we have all the certifications of the various laboratories).

Our device is very versatile and can be installed in different types of buildings such as hospitals, schools, gyms, shops, hotels, etc.

We are looking for new distributors interested in selling our product in their market.

We are based in Czech Rep.

Opportunity reference

# 1485



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Italy, Netherlands, Hungary, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Finland, France, United Kingdom


Leisure and Hospitality, Electronics and House appliances, Health and Pharma

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