We offer premium men's cosmetics

We are a company specialized in men's cosmetic products.

We deal with both designing and creating products, as well as the production of products.

In all our product lines, we use almost all ingredients of natural origin, unlike most of the competitors of the large-scale retailers where a higher percentage of Ingredients is treated.

At this time we offer these products:

1) Haircare products: shampoo (of various types, e.g. for the prevention of hair loss or anti-dandruff) and different types of gel

2) Facial skincare products

3) Beard Care Products: We offer a wide range of shaving shampoos, balms, and oils, as well as accessories such as comb and beard brush. Also in this category, we also offer shaving products such as aftershave and shaving foam

The positioning of our products is premium, indicatively our products cost about twice as much as the mass shelf products of supermarkets.

We have also taken care of the packaging very carefully.

Our cosmetics are purchased both by end customers, and as a gift, in this regard, we have created different types of gift packaging boxes with matching products and different price ranges.

We are based in the Czech Republic and are looking for new distributors or sales agents interested in marketing our products in their market.

Potential partners must have a proven network of stores, barbershops, e-commerce, retail chains, etc

We offer premium men's cosmetics

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Cosmetics and Personal care

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