Seeking agents for safety ladders (used in ports)

We are a young Danish company that has developed, produces, and sells new safety ladders designed specifically for ports and the maritime environment.

Currently, safety ladders mounted inside the ports are often old installation, rusty, and not visible. This makes them unsafe, especially in low visibility conditions (night, fog, rain, etc).

Our goal was to create safer and more functional port ladders.

Our scales are colored neon yellow, clearly visible. They are made with reinforced plastic and there is also an optional integrated light that is powered via a solar panel to make them even more visible at night.

We have studied the product to withstand UV rays and water, so as to require minimal maintenance.

The ladders are mounted in the docks of ports or canals, in places where there is a risk that people accidentally fall into the water. Precisely for this reason, it is good that they are clearly visible, even and especially in unexpected and emergency situations.

Although the project is recent, we have already installed our products in numerous ports citizens of the European Union.

Given our market success, we are looking for new sales agents in France, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden.

The agent must have a network already consistent with ports, municipalities, or entrepreneurs who work in the maritime field.

Ideally, the sought agents are still selling other complementary port equipment.

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# 1520

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Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Germany, Spain, France


Aviation and Nautical

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