Design company is offering furniture (unique on the market)

We are a Hungarian design company.

In recent years we have developed a new material unique on the market: it is a combination of residual plant created from different types of plants.

The material has a very impactful visual effect, strongly artistic. Vegetable fibers are visible.

Based on this material we have created several products in particular a line of lamps, a line of panels to hang on the wall, and coffee tables.

The target of these products are private individuals (luxury homes) and companies (furnishing fashion stores, or interiors of representative offices).

We are looking to expand our sales and are looking for new business partners.


The role of which will be to launch our brand and our products in the new market.

The distributor must have a showroom to show our products and must follow all the promotion and sales activities (local expo, trade shows, etc.). The ideal distributor should already be specialized in the sale of design products (e.g. design lamps).


We are also interested in working with agents on commission, they will deal with selling and developing the business. The agents must be specialized in the design sector and have contact with design studios, architects, retailers of design furniture, etc.

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# 1552



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Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, Japan, United Arab Emirates, United States, South Korea


Furniture and Design

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