Downhole 1/4"OD x 0.035"WT 316L duplex 2205 control line coil tubing capillary tubing

1/4"OD x 0.035"WT 316L Duplex 2205 Control Line Coil Capillary Tubing

Size: 1/4"OD x 0.035"WT Tubing Material: 316L SS or Duplex 2205

Package Length: 10000ft-30000ft/Reel

Application: This Pipelines are mainly used for oil and gas well underground capillary pressure measurement or control of

underground oil and gas well safety valves and through cable packer relief valves or oil and gas well fluid transportation (such as

liquid and steam) or injection of chemicals into oil and connection of gas wells to the downhole.

Downhole 1/4

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# 1961

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North America


Energy and Utilities

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