We are company located in the middle of Europe, Czech Republic.

We are able to offer activities from:

- e-commerce area (building an e-shop, warehouses, distribution, dispatch, transport, call center, complaints, service ...);

- area of ​​motivational programs for employees of companies with a positive impact of savings on the side of employees and employers, including e-Learning;

- building and managing retail centers (from building to the sale of goods);

- solution of the process of employing people with disabilities in companies (Ergodiagnostics, Integration of employees into processes, social service);

- training and accommodation capacities (hall for up to 100 people with the necessary technical equipment, accommodation and teambuilding;

- B2B sales with replacement performance (central purchases for companies, office equipment, canteens, canteens, warehouses, provision of cleaning supplies, including technology, personal protective equipment;

- marketing: purchase, distribution and branding of promotional items, gift packaging to end customers or employees of companies (seasonal, annual ...), distribution of catalogs and magazines incl. leaflets, design and implementation of gifts;

- outsourcing activities: archiving, document controlling, completion work, loyalty program management, document scanning.

Mentioned activites above we are able to offer in the Central of Europe.

Opportunity reference

# 1557

Value (€)



Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany


Consumer goods, Logistics

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