Seeking distributors for bird repellers (agriculture)

We are a company specialized in the creation of support products for agriculture, in particular, we produce products that help to drive birds away from the fields.

Our approach was to create new and innovative products to achieve this goal. One of the products that we have studied and patented and that already for a few years on the market is an acoustic repellent for birds.

Our acoustic repellent emits sounds of predators that make birds scare and away from cultivated fields. We have different models depending on the size of the field: our largest model can cover up to 4 hectares of land.

We set 50 different sounds and are effective on a large number of bird species (crows, pigeons, seagulls, etc.)

The acoustic repellents are about 60 cm high columns and powered by internal batteries, so they can be installed in any field without needing to have a power supply. The batteries have a battery life of about 3 weeks.

They are weatherproof and are designed for outdoor use.

Moreover, we have also recently studied indoor versions that can also be used for farms and warehouses.

The big advantage of hearing repellents is that they have no harmful effects either for animals or for people.

We are currently looking for new distributors abroad in order to expand our international sales. The sought distributor should be specialized in the sales of agricultural products.

We are based in France.

Seeking distributors for bird repellers (agriculture)

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Italy, Poland, Tunisia, Austria, Germany, Mexico, Egypt, Turkey, Ukraine, United States


Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing

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